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Monday, November 30, 2009

Are minarets incompatible with democracy, secularism and capitalism? Lets boycott something...

The recent ban on minarets approved by majority of voters in Swiss has generated quite a lot of waves in the Muslim world. Alhamdulillah, it is a good opportunity to have a picture of the Islamic ummah and its united stance on various issues affecting our Ummah. This note is an attempt to keep ourselves reminded that there is a bigger, deeper problem. We should make sure we channel our energies towards eliminating the root cause of our miseries and not be distracted and content by boycotting a bunch of products in personal lives. This note does not discourage anyone from boycotting the products, albeit it does not see the personal boycotts as a solution for the ever increasing problems of the Ummah.

It is an observation that our boycotts and our protests are selectively against some oppressors while we are in a conflict-of-interest situation when it comes to the leaders directly involved in the killings of our people. The Danish still continue to be anti-Islamic and still continue to flame the fire of hatred and racism, the only thing is we quickly get bored and distracted from an issue by taking these skin deep measures and get a sense of action on our parts, while solving nothing,.

The root of the issue is, the incompatibility of Islam and their systems. They are ready to acknowledge this fact, while we are always ready to try and somehow mold Islam to seem compatible but, always failed. When they said, they are against the Islamic shariah, political and economic system- they are right- Islam is unique and completely different from them and cannot be made compatible unless except by ignoring parts of the Quran.

This is a lesson for the Muslims and a reminder of the warning from Allah that.."The Jews and the Christians will never be happy with you! Therefore, do not seek what pleases or appeases them, and stick to what pleases Allah by calling them to the truth that Allah sent you with.' Allah's statement" 2:120.

It is the economic boycott by our rulers as a nation which can bring other nations on their knees. Presently our rulers are busy boycotting Islam while some others are busy trying to please the Jews and Christian leaders by donning the 'moderate-Muslim attire' expecting them to be kind or helpful to the Muslims(?) inspite of the warning from Allah that it is not going to happen.

Our reactions should be proportional to the magnitude of the event and based on Quran and Sunnah to try and eliminate the roots of this evil system. Islam is not represented by minarets and domes, but by the implementation of the Quran, which has already been eliminated from our lands. The Islamic system is the soul of our society, if it is not restored we are just dead bodies trying to fight a live enemy. Issue after issue after issue every few weeks distracting our minds from the root causes of our problems.

I will only take this opportunity to bring to people's attention that we as an Ummah need to unite and defend the complete deen of Allah and voice our opinion in favor of establishment of the Shariah which is what scares the kuffar. The Shariah is the only just and balanced system designed by Allah Himself and there is nothing else allowed for Muslims to be ruled by, except the Shariah. As long as we keep protesting selected issues and compromise on the deen when we speak to the other kuffar leaders (like Obama) and try to mold Islam into come kind of cocktail which tastes good for all- the way Christians did to their religion, make it passive and meaningless to real life political, economic and social policies; until then we are not worthy of Allah's mercy by choosing to compromise. by ignoring His commandments

Join the boycott if you must, but please also join the global Muslim struggle for the restoration of the Islamic Imamah/ Islamic Khilafah in our lands. An army without a commander is just a bunch of people, whereas an army with a commander is a massive force with a focus, direction and resources. Islam has laid out clear principles of engaging with the kuffar and a very clear system which is mandatory for the Muslims to establish to bring peace, justice and the deen to our lands and this world at large. The kuffar are aware that our system is different from their system, they hate it because our system can eliminate all the evil webs woven by their corrupt oppressors. It is time, we acknowledge this simple fact and work towards the re-establishment of Allah's deen in our lands. Prophet Mohammed said: "The Imam is a shield, behind whom you fight and you protect yourself with...". (Sahih Al-Bukhari. Vol.1, Bk.4, No.830 & Sahih Al-Bukhari. Vol.4, Bk.52, No.204.)

We need our shield back! May Allah guide us to adopt His complete deen and grant us victory over the kuffar and the kafir systems plaguing our lands.

Allahu Alim, Ameen.

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