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Monday, March 17, 2008

Islam- Do-it-Yourself Kit How to brand someone as 'extremist' ?

Recently the Kuffar leaders have used another psychological weapon against Muslims by inventing and widely promoting specific labels for us to stick upon ourselves. Those labels help them to fight the Ummah by dividing it into sections, encouraging, supporting, financing and giving free publicity to one section favorable to their ideology and agenda. On the other hand they wish to freeze the assets of the other section, suppress them, demonize and silence them and give them no publicity in media or news except misinformation. Those two labels are 'Conservative \ Extremist ' and ' Progressive \ Moderate' . These labels have no basis in Islam and should never be used nor encouraged by Muslims.

But, it has eventually taken space in our minds, literature and social interactions. We daily see people labeling themselves and each other with those labels totally unaware of the magnitude of harm they are causing to the Ummah and Islam. I wish to show how people show their love for Islam while at the same time have their own brand of Islam...

The Parents want their children to be 'good Muslims' obedient and to follow the parents wishes and obey them and be kind to them.. but as soon as a child wants to follow Islam and not the culture which clashes with Quran and Ahadith, and wants to marry in a sunnah way and not culturally inspired rituals which are against Islamic teachings, they brand him an Extremist !

Muslim single women want to marry a 'good Muslim' man. Because, they know he will be kind to her, and give her all her rights and take care of her as he is a good Muslim. But, as soon as he says he wants to grow a beard to follow a sunnah, or he wants to keep away from Riba\Usury\Interest money and such practices which are clearly forbidden\haram in Islam, she brands him an
Extremist !

A Muslim young man wants to marry a 'good muslimah' lady. Because, he knows a good muslimah will be faithful to him and give him all his rights and do all her duties and take care of his home. But, when she wants to wear a veil or keep away from mixed gatherings or does not want to accompany him to his office party which involves free mixing of men and women or wants him to pray five times a day obligatory prayers, he brands her an
Extremist !

A Muslim guy wants to have a good Muslim as his friend. Because, he knows a good Muslim will be a faithful friend and will help him in need and share his happiness and joy without any ulterior motives. But, when the friend discourages him from smoking weed or going to parties which serve alcohol and have free mixing of men and women, he brands him an
Extremist !

The are innumerable examples where people brand each other as

It seems as if Islam is taken as a religion customizable to suit the personal preferences of each individual in the world. We seem to always agree with those people who agree with what is convenient to us in terms of living, so we make Islam bow to our priorities instead of our priorities bowing down to Islam! There are some who neglect the obligatory acts while they are hell bent on making people follow the sunnah to the letter. And there are those who totally eradicate the importance of sunnah and want us to 'reinterpret' Islam and eliminate the authentic ahadith!

It seems that Islam is been taken as a religion confined into the walls of the Masjid, whereas the same Muslims are free to live and behave as they desire outside the Masjid, in their homes, in the markets and work places.

It seems as though Islam has no scripture to support its beliefs like Hindus can believe whatever they wish, as long as they call themselves Hindu because they have no authentic proofs for their beliefs apart from mythology and obscure unauthentic texts.

It seems as though Islam has nothing to say about what money is halal, what kind of banking is halal, what kind of products are halal, what kind of clothing is halal, what kind of punishments for what kind of crimes and what kind of rule and social system is halal.

It seems as though Islam is like a Pizza, on which everyone has an option to decide what kind of toppings they want!

Allahu Alim
May Allah guide us, grant us wisdom, courage to stand up for His deen, and love for His messenger in our hearts (saws), May Allah helps us to kill our egos to speak the truth, even if it is against our own selves, may Allah grant us victory over the corrupt and oppressors.

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