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Friday, March 21, 2008

"I believe in Quran...but its not practical" sounds a familiar statement ?

First things first, if you are a Muslim who has accepted Islam, I may remind you that rejecting verses of the Quran or the authentic ahadith of from Prophet (saws) removes one from the state of Islam to the state of kufr and these are Islamic limitations. We cannot decide that we are Muslim just by labeling ourselves, it is our beliefs and affiliations which decide what we are. This post is purely intended for the people who are Muslims, those who believe and affirm that the Quran is the final revelation, and that Mohammed (saws) was the final Messenger and whatever he said was from Allah Himself. As a Muslim we do not place our personal opinions and philosophies above the Quran or the Prophet's teachings. No one is forced to be a Muslim, as Islam clearly states 'No Compulsion in religion, truth stands out clearly from falsehood' so, one is free to choose if they want to be Muslim or not, and if they choose to be a Muslim they are obligated by Islam to keep the Quran and Sunnah as their primary sources before any other source including their own 'intuitions' opinions and philosophies. Hence, when the Quran is quoted here, it means its binding on the Muslims to keep it above any other opinion of any scholar, teacher, professor or our own self. If someone does not agree with the Quran then they better call their religion by some other name and leave Islam to what Islam is, instead of forming a version of Islam because 'Islam' is 'copyrighted' to Mohammed (saws) no one has the right to use that term and put their own words into his text or rulings.

If someone gives a valid explanation or shows a command or law from the Quran, it is binding on those who 'choose' to be a Muslim, to submit to that commandment or law unless someone else shows them evidence from the same Quran that the law does not apply anymore. If they think these are not practical laws, then they are free to make their own religion and beliefs but do not ascribe it to Allah or His Messenger, and nor infringe on the copyright of the term 'Islam' because Islam was only from Mohammed (saws) as he taught it, if you disagree with what he had to say, please pick a name for your religion, don't misguide people by selling sand in boxes labeled as gold.

There seem to be a growing so-called 'group' amongst the ummah which is propagating the idea that the Quran and Hadith are not meant to be taken literally but kept as an 'inspiration' metaphorically, in other words, they want to say 'the State is separate from the Church' as the Christians did when they got fed up with the barbaric rudimentary and theocratic church which abolished science and tortured sects of their own religion in the name of 'inquisition' and which was responsible for many bloody wars in the history of mankind which were never repeated by any other nation even till now. This group is more dangerous than the kuffar because, they act like us, while propagate ideas which negate us from Islam. They propagate the idea that following Islam as commanded by Allah in the Quran is impossible in today's world and hence we should become 'moderate' and stop trying in vain. Some are those who do it out of ignorance while there are others who make it their motto of life to 'evolve' islam, while some are planted and watered by the kuffar to program the ummah's mind to sing their tune.

Someone recently a friend told me that he read a book in which the author was inciting the people to kill the disbelievers and take their properties in the name of Islam, and quickly my friend labelled him as an 'extremist'. I said, wait a minute. Does Islam say "kill the disbelievers and take their properties" except in the state of war? and the answer was negative. Then, I said, how can someone who is asking us to do something which Islam does not ask us to do, be a "Islamic\Muslim Extremist"? Because, when I read that term, it implies in simple English that, that person is inspired by Islam to hold such views, while it is never the case ! How can you call a person who kills civilians in the name of Islam during a time of peace as Muslim extremist while he is in fact violating the teachings of Islam ? How can I be an 'extremist mathematician' if I propagate the idea that 2 + 2 = 5 ? would you call me an 'extremist mathematician' ? or a miguided mathematician? so why double standards when it comes to Islam?

My previous post about the label 'extremist' tries to shed some light how this term came into our vocabulary, and has almost stuck itself to 'Islamic extremist' like the term 'terrorist' is always linked to a Muslim. It is unfortunate to see our own people fall prey to this linguo-psychological mass programming initiated by the kuffar leaders to cause divisions in the ranks of Muslims and make us as confused as we were at the time of the battle of Uhud and thus they can win over us while we are busy labeling each other and defining our labels which have no basis in Islam itself and were the labels purely gifted to us by the kuffar leaders and propagated by the literature, movies and television channels sponsored by them.

By picking up religious vocabulary from the Kuffar leaders and propagating them amongst ourselves, and trying to label each other using the labels given by the kuffar, we are unintentionally helping their agenda. While Islam is flexible, yet nor Allah nor His final Messenger (saws) gave us any definitions of a 'Extremist \ fundamentalist \ moderate' Muslim, we are not in a position to make labels and definitions ourselves and stick them to each other's back. The kuffar leaders are not new age prophets to give us our identities, they got no new revelation from Allah that we ought to 'listen and obey' them. They injected racism, then left our nations after centuries of imperial colonization with a venom in our blood called nationalism which still runs in our people, yet Islam still was uniting the world and now the new venom of 'Extremist \ Moderate' which is yet another attempt to divide and rule. The Prophet (saws) gave up his entire life to eliminate 'racism, nationalism, tribalism, sectarianism, mysticism, vandalism and capitalism' to bring the light of Islam into our lands and our hearts illuminated with his divine message. Let us not pollute our hearts and again fill them with things the Prophet (saws) wanted to eliminate, his message was clear, we are one Ummah, one family, so much that he said we are like one single body and each of us different parts of a single body, mashallah !

Differences of opinion will exist forever among Muslims, this shows how flexible and humane Islam is, while Islam makes clear distinction on major issues which clearly define who is a Muslim and who is not, it also leaves space for people to hold opinions, because only when people 'think' do they form opinions, as long as an opinion is based on the two ONLY sources of Islam - Quran and Sunnah they are valid opinions and any opinion with a stronger 'daleel' evidence from the sources can be accepted. But, it does not mean we are left to label ourselves like we want, our label is only 'Muslim' the label given to us by Allah Himself, lets not throw the label given by Allah to replace it with a label by a Bush or Blair or some scholar sitting on a cushion and passing 'fatawa'. Allahu Alim, may Allah guide us all, may Allah remove us again from the darkness of ignorance 'dhulum' to the radiance of truth 'islaam', and grant us proper understanding of His deen. Ameen

Monday, March 17, 2008

Islam- Do-it-Yourself Kit How to brand someone as 'extremist' ?

Recently the Kuffar leaders have used another psychological weapon against Muslims by inventing and widely promoting specific labels for us to stick upon ourselves. Those labels help them to fight the Ummah by dividing it into sections, encouraging, supporting, financing and giving free publicity to one section favorable to their ideology and agenda. On the other hand they wish to freeze the assets of the other section, suppress them, demonize and silence them and give them no publicity in media or news except misinformation. Those two labels are 'Conservative \ Extremist ' and ' Progressive \ Moderate' . These labels have no basis in Islam and should never be used nor encouraged by Muslims.

But, it has eventually taken space in our minds, literature and social interactions. We daily see people labeling themselves and each other with those labels totally unaware of the magnitude of harm they are causing to the Ummah and Islam. I wish to show how people show their love for Islam while at the same time have their own brand of Islam...

The Parents want their children to be 'good Muslims' obedient and to follow the parents wishes and obey them and be kind to them.. but as soon as a child wants to follow Islam and not the culture which clashes with Quran and Ahadith, and wants to marry in a sunnah way and not culturally inspired rituals which are against Islamic teachings, they brand him an Extremist !

Muslim single women want to marry a 'good Muslim' man. Because, they know he will be kind to her, and give her all her rights and take care of her as he is a good Muslim. But, as soon as he says he wants to grow a beard to follow a sunnah, or he wants to keep away from Riba\Usury\Interest money and such practices which are clearly forbidden\haram in Islam, she brands him an
Extremist !

A Muslim young man wants to marry a 'good muslimah' lady. Because, he knows a good muslimah will be faithful to him and give him all his rights and do all her duties and take care of his home. But, when she wants to wear a veil or keep away from mixed gatherings or does not want to accompany him to his office party which involves free mixing of men and women or wants him to pray five times a day obligatory prayers, he brands her an
Extremist !

A Muslim guy wants to have a good Muslim as his friend. Because, he knows a good Muslim will be a faithful friend and will help him in need and share his happiness and joy without any ulterior motives. But, when the friend discourages him from smoking weed or going to parties which serve alcohol and have free mixing of men and women, he brands him an
Extremist !

The are innumerable examples where people brand each other as

It seems as if Islam is taken as a religion customizable to suit the personal preferences of each individual in the world. We seem to always agree with those people who agree with what is convenient to us in terms of living, so we make Islam bow to our priorities instead of our priorities bowing down to Islam! There are some who neglect the obligatory acts while they are hell bent on making people follow the sunnah to the letter. And there are those who totally eradicate the importance of sunnah and want us to 'reinterpret' Islam and eliminate the authentic ahadith!

It seems that Islam is been taken as a religion confined into the walls of the Masjid, whereas the same Muslims are free to live and behave as they desire outside the Masjid, in their homes, in the markets and work places.

It seems as though Islam has no scripture to support its beliefs like Hindus can believe whatever they wish, as long as they call themselves Hindu because they have no authentic proofs for their beliefs apart from mythology and obscure unauthentic texts.

It seems as though Islam has nothing to say about what money is halal, what kind of banking is halal, what kind of products are halal, what kind of clothing is halal, what kind of punishments for what kind of crimes and what kind of rule and social system is halal.

It seems as though Islam is like a Pizza, on which everyone has an option to decide what kind of toppings they want!

Allahu Alim
May Allah guide us, grant us wisdom, courage to stand up for His deen, and love for His messenger in our hearts (saws), May Allah helps us to kill our egos to speak the truth, even if it is against our own selves, may Allah grant us victory over the corrupt and oppressors.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Peace comes from the Creator

Horrific events unfolded at a university campus in the month of February; an academically brilliant ex-student of this university (which enrolls more than 25,000 students and many of them foreign students) entered a classroom and opened fire upon the students without warning. Using his shotgun and two small pistols he fired towards whoever he saw and thereby caused widespread panic on the campus. The whole campus was put on alert, the doors were closed shut in all buildings and all you could see was helicopters in the sky and police and ambulance vehicles rushing towards a building with their blaring sirens and shocked onlookers. The incident resulted in the death of 5 students plus the killer himself committed suicide in the end of this bloody disaster and not to mention many more injured and several thousands shocked and still trying to recover.

Why did he do that? He was a good student, he had earned a Dean's award, had impressive papers to his credit, why would he do that? What caused it? How to prevent it? these are the questions which were raised soon after the incident. This was reported to be the fifth shooting incident in a school in that week in the USA according to news. A country supposed to be one of the most developed, with such a high standard of living, which prides in their social freedom, a beacon of knowledge for students from across the globe; why are such incidents becoming a common event in the schools and colleges across this nation? No one can forget Virginia Tech, and now this one takes the second place and many more which leave some dead and which do not get complete media coverage, but in the end, its all the same even if a single bullet was shot and no one killed, still its a same incident and needs to be attended to.

It is true that this nation has advanced so much in science and technology that today it has the strongest army in the world, manages the largest amount of resources worldwide and is accepted to be the 'sole super power' nation in todays world. But, the nation is hollow on social level, spiritual level and personal level. People living like zombies day in and day out, the system is designed in such a way that everyone is in a maze, running all the time but getting no where and the people who are 'operating' this maze, use the masses like living robots, while those 'operators' exploit and hypnotize the masses, they suck every drop of blood out of you, keep you ignorant, uninformed or better mis-informed (the corporate sponsored news channels will make the job easier) while they keep you busy and it ends up in a society full of turmoil, conflicts, stress and social disasters. Families are single-parent, kids growing up with child abuse, and school kids shooting each other at schools has become a norm. With all this advancement they gained, they failed to work on their spiritual needs, they fed their bodies while their souls grew hungrier with each day until *poof* one day, they end up finding their own answers to spiritual thirst and showing the answer to the society in such ways, and then people ask 'why?' from asking stage they should go ahead and ponder more upon what they are doing wrong as a society, and they will surely get the answer. They have neglected, or actually totally ignored a vital area of human existence, the soul and spiritual needs. The guidance of their own creator in matters of life and the world. While the secular society does not worry if there is a God or not, if there is let him be in temples and places of worship, while the laws and rules of man should be made by man himself, is what secularism preaches. They fail to realize if there is a God, what does He want, did He keep himself out of our affairs and let us do what we decide amongst ourselves, or did He give us a code with His knowledge, as to what is better for us to do ? They look back at how the church treated scientists in the past and how science and the church were antagonists, and they conclude that religion is a vestigial thing for man, have it or not, it don't matter. Hence, they develop their own social rules, own social norms and today the world is in a chaos because each has their own interests in the norms and rules they design. Often leading man into an abyss of ignorance, a darkness and confusion leading to a spiritual crisis. The societies have bread but no appetite, they have beds but no sleep, they have families but no love, they have materials but no peace. For Allah says in the Quran “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace”. (13:28) The creator would by default be the best person to decide how His creation are to govern their affairs, how to conduct ourselves in personal and social dealings, how to behave towards each other, how to regulate things and punish the offenders ... in his arrogance man rebels against His own creator, keeping His commandments at bay and making their own, thereby with trial and error creating a confusion which put the society and the whole world in a total chaos.

It is sad to say but the bitter truth is that even the Muslim countries and societies are facing the same problems and slowing walking the same path as their kafir role models, neglecting the rulings of Allah (swt) and preferring the rules of man in governing their affairs. It has given nothing to this Muslim Ummah except misery, poverty, ignorance and backwardness. People blame this backwardness and misery to Islam and give the example of Muslim countries to justify their statement; but, a careful evaluation of these countries shows that these nations were pioneers in science, technology, arts and material development while they lived under the Islamic system as a society and nation, this backwardness came after they abandoned the Islamic System in governance and adopted an alien system left behind by their colonial powers, they tried to put patches of Islam into this system which in its essence remained secular with Islamic garnishing to fool the masses. What result can you expect from such a system, and what reaction can you expect from a Creator who promised that His system is the best for us, while we reject His system so arrogantly and still boast of being His slaves? Of course, He is right if He thinks that we are ungrateful, because thats what we are, by preferring a man made patch-work system over His beautiful, just and fruitful system.

It is time, the Ummah realizes that Islam does not end inside the Masjid, but it starts in the Masjid, and extends to every section of our life, from the way we give rights to people, to the way we punish criminals, to the way we do business and the way we elect our rulers and run an economic system based on Islamic principles which showed their fruits in the past, and will undoubtedly produce the same results as soon as they are implemented as they ought to be. In Islamic system, or the Khilafah, the rulers DO NOT make the laws, they only implement the laws already made by Allah, they serve the people and the shariah controls the power they get in being a ruler over the masses, thereby inherent checks and balances produce a fertile environment for social and scientific development totally unseen in any other civilization as was under the khilafah for thousands of years, nourishing both the material and spiritual aspect of man and producing a tranquility while spreading justice to the whole world.

Lets read more about our own system, which Allah sent for us, lets go back to our own ways and abandon the ways of the kuffar, lets go back to the way Allah showed us, so that we can raise our hands and say ' O Allah, now we are back to your way, now raise us and honor us again as you did when we were on your path' and inshAllah, the help of Allah is at hand, if Rome and Persia could not stand 1400 years back, nothing can stand when Allah is with us, and He will be with us
only when we choose His ways in our lives and governance, over other kufr systems. May Allah help this Ummah realize how it was misled into this trap, and give us the wisdom and strength to come out and seek Him again, and forgive us and take us back in His shade of Mercy and help us as he helped young Khilafah in Madinah against Rome and Persia.