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Monday, September 10, 2007

~~~ Ramadhan Mubarak ~~~

As Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

To all my friends and all Muslimeen on earth

Friday, September 7, 2007

Welcoming the blessed month of Ramadhan

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah

Another year has passed away and here comes the blessed month of Ramadhan'ul Mubarak. The significance of ramadhan is unquestionable in the minds of every Muslim. A lot of Hadith mention about this blessed month, Quran mentions that it was revealed in the month of Ramadhan.

For every Muslim this is a month of piety and devotion to Allah and His deen. Even people who never cared to pray or fast, come back to Allah in this blessed month and every Masjid is full of people in the daily prayers and especially during Maghrib. But, why does the effect of ramdhan slowly fade away from our hearts ? Why do the Masjids start getting empty as soon as the moon of shawwal is sighted ? Once we are done with Eid ul Fitr, we tend to forget that the 5 prayers are compulsory in every month and not only in Ramadhan. Maybe its because shaitaan takes extra effort to take us away from our deen once ramadhan is finished, because our emaan tends to grow and reaches extreme heights in this blessed month.

Nevertheless, we should strive to keep the spirit of Ramadhan alive for as much time as possible, and the best is to keep it alive till the arrival of next ramadhan so that our emaan reaches new heights with the arrival of another ramadhan in our lives.

Lets promise to bring about a positive change in our lives, starting with this Ramadhan. Young or old, it is never too late to bring positive changes in our mind and souls. And to bring such a change we have to consciously follow some basic steps...

1) Beginning with making a very strong and truthful intention that we want a positive change in our lives, closeness to Allah and His deen and to become beloved in His sight.

2) We have to bring about changes in our surroundings, our habits and our activities. Keep away from people who tend to attract you towards anything which displeases Allah. Stop every habit which may displease Allah for seeking the pleasure of Allah alone and not for other reasons.

3) Seek the company of pious people, they may seem boring but they hold a lot of wisdom in their minds. Try to get closer to them and see life from their perspective for sometime and see how well Islamic principles apply to your life. Sitting in their company itself is a method of changing our lives. Just like sitting in a blacksmith's workshop can get your clothes dirty and sitting in a perfume shop can leave traces of perfume on your clothes, same way the company you keep, can effect the thoughts in your mind.

4) Plan a routine of good deeds in the blessed month. Instead of doing things randomly bring about an order in your life. Everything is in order in the world of Allah, the planets, stars, comets , atoms, electrons and life. Order is seen in every aspect of Islam, in prayers, dua, fasting and Hajj. Brining an orderly planned schedule for deeds, helps us evaluate ourselves and develop more upon our taqwa and emaan. Plan your timetable keeping in mind each solah, and devote an assigned amount of time for Dhikr (remembrance) of Allah, reading of a part of the Quran each day on assigned time, Plan out your charity in advance, each day, each week or once a month, plan out any volunteering you would like to do for your local masjid, or school or hospital and do it with discipline and sincerity.

5) Radiate this qualities to the world. Don't just bring about a positive change in your own life but also try to extend this positive change to the society and world around you. Encourage people to do good deeds and try to stop people from doing bad. Share the things you have with the people who are not as blessed as you. Invite people for Iftar and do not ignore the needy and the poor who deserve your charity too.

6) Once the end of ramadhan approaches, make a conscious decision to keep this spirit alive and strive to make your body and soul adapt to the deen of Allah and not to the secular world order. Stick to your Quranic teachings and work hard to gain the pleasure of Allah, even if you are made a joke or called by silly names, choose between Allah's pleasure or pleasure of His creation.

7) Make lots of D'ua daily for our fellow brothers and sisters in various parts of the world, suffering and facing extreme oppresion in the lands of Palestine, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Kashmir and many many more. If possible try to plan out sending some charity to them in the form of money or materials, the least is a sincere Dua for them each day, everyday.

I hope Allah brings upon this blessed month upon us soon and I shall be grateful to Him for giving me another ramadhan in my life, a chance to seek forgiveness for my sins and a chance to repent and turn back to Allah.

May Allah give us all the hidayah to understand the merits of this blessed month and give us the hidayah to fulfill our obligation towards this month, and make us of those who gain the pleasure of Allah in this month and also gain forgiveness and His mercy, inshAllah, Ameen.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ummah of Islam

Salam Alaikum

After reaching DeKalb, the first thing I was concerned about was finding a Masjid nearby. In the land of the kuffar, it was indeed a great blessing from Allah that I have a Masjid close to my apartment at a walkable distance Alhamdulillah.

When I went to the Masjid, I saw people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia Indonesia, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. Some students, some just started working and some elders. All kinds of people White, Black and Brown and all ! Bowing to one God and saying He alone is the greatest.

This sight really inspired me, this one bond of Ummah which united people from all places of the world, to come to one place and bow their heads to One God. Inshallah, this ramadhan I will be looking forward to meet more of them, because some are too busy to come to masjid in normal times but inshallah they will be here in the holy month of ramadhan.

Although, its an initial period and I did not talk to many but one indonesian brother, 2 Malaysian brothers, some Arabs and ofcourse the Indian and Pakistani people.

Inshallah, this Ramdhan will be a good experience for me in this land of the kuffar. Hope I get out of here soon or Allah employs me to spread His deen here. Inshallah.