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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ummah of Islam

Salam Alaikum

After reaching DeKalb, the first thing I was concerned about was finding a Masjid nearby. In the land of the kuffar, it was indeed a great blessing from Allah that I have a Masjid close to my apartment at a walkable distance Alhamdulillah.

When I went to the Masjid, I saw people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia Indonesia, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. Some students, some just started working and some elders. All kinds of people White, Black and Brown and all ! Bowing to one God and saying He alone is the greatest.

This sight really inspired me, this one bond of Ummah which united people from all places of the world, to come to one place and bow their heads to One God. Inshallah, this ramadhan I will be looking forward to meet more of them, because some are too busy to come to masjid in normal times but inshallah they will be here in the holy month of ramadhan.

Although, its an initial period and I did not talk to many but one indonesian brother, 2 Malaysian brothers, some Arabs and ofcourse the Indian and Pakistani people.

Inshallah, this Ramdhan will be a good experience for me in this land of the kuffar. Hope I get out of here soon or Allah employs me to spread His deen here. Inshallah.

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Anonymous said...

dearest bro
mayb i shud often read feel n share the pain n happiness with u :)
am no perfect person :(