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Monday, April 9, 2007

Status of women- the great creation of Allah (swt)

A sister had writted a beautiful post about the status of women and their achievement in her blog, after I was caught making fun of females in a chatroom ( although just for fun ) :)) I was making fun, only as a teaser, but its not new, in my dental college, I was famous for making jokes about girls and they all used to scold me so much though in a friendly way (the girls in my class) but once we had a debate on a college annual day, about a similar topic, and everyone was shocked that I spoke on the side of women, YES you read it correctly ! and i spoke my real opinion, right from my heart, and Alhamdulillah I also won the debate and got a lot of fame and fan following in campus ;)) not to mention the extra attention of all female professors , extra grades n bla bla ;)

When I read the post on her blog, (( which is here )) i started writing a comment, and somehow, the comment became an article in itself. It was so embarassing to write a whole essay in a comment box LOL. but still I posted it (anyway she does not pay for server space :)) LOL .
And now I decided, to paste the same comment, in my own blog. And THIS reflects my real view about women, and my sincere appreciation for their equal or greater contribution to this world.

This topic under discussion has 2 aspects to talk about. Women in the sight of Allah (swt) and Women in worldly sense.

As far as Allah is concerned, the last khutbah of RasoolAllah (saws) made it clear that, gender, race, skin color, age and family status are not the criteria, but a person's Taqwa is what matters to Allah. So, if a woman has more Taqwa than a man, she is superior in the sight of Allah according to my understanding of Deen. Allahu Alim.

Secondly, in the world. Islamically men are given a little superiority over women, that does not mean women are less in any sense. But, in any school there is only one principal, every army has one Leader, every solah in congregation has one Imam, and every family has one head. Here, just because man is made physically and emotionally strong and 'suited' for the leader job, he is given a little superiority, but always remember, with 'great power comes great responsibility' (i think i heard this is spiderman movie too :) ] So, if men are given this responsibility and they do not abide by Allah's rules and treat women well and respect her as she deserves, they will have an extra session of questions on Yaum AlQiyamah, dont you think ? When Allah made us leader, when He's measuring our deeds, He will surely measure how we "lead" our homes, n families and social lives too. So, men shud always keep in mind, they r superior, but the same 'superiority' in this world can be the cause of their annhilation on the day of reckoning, IF they boast of this and treat women badly or try to subjugate them in any way.

And how can we forget a great sentence from the last khutbah of RasoolAllah (Saws) delivered on the Ninth Day of Dhul Hijjah 10 A.H in the Uranah Valley of mount Arafat, where he said "the best amongst you, is the one who treats his wife with compassion\ family with compassion".

So, the conclusion is. Women have their duties and their nature is made for some kind of work.They are not 'designed' to stress themselves to seek work to earn for food, or to struggle like a man does. She is already stressed by nature itself, she need not stress herself with trying to earn n earn to look successful to other people. She may work in time when she feels well, work in what she likes as long as its in the Islamic limits, and work with her husband's permission. (after all, if hez the leader of home, discipline demands a permission, and islam is most disciplined deen). She may do business, and watever she likes, and can use that money in whatever she likes. She need not, take responsibility of household finances, she wont be asked because, she never was given the responsibility. But, she shud take care to be ready to answer about what she was given responsibility, and the best woman is the one, who takes care of her responsibility Allah gave her, and not the ones given by society or culture.

Man is 'designed' to endure more physical and emotional stress. He is been given responsibility to toil for the food, work and bring in the funds and seek halal income to feed his family. A good husband is one who works hard to bring halal income to their family, and good wife is one who is happy in what Allah gives them and is not greedy for more.

This war of genders was never a problem in Islam, cos Islam never subjugated women. This gender war started by rebellion among the christian women, and later the modern feminists from europe and america took over. The church used to doubt, if women had a 'soul', and woman was treated as 'inferior' and 'evil' and they also blamed her to 'entice' Adam (As) in eating the forbidden fruit. Because, the church subjugated them, women started rebellion and started violating all social laws, as commonly happens in all rebellions. But, man made a way to still keep her in subjugation, HOW ? men, started making women feel that, they can dress as they like, they can show themselves to 'please' people and get 'rewards' like promotions, jobs and so on. women fell for this trap and till now, most women dont realize, they are showing their bodies to man thinking she is equal, and man is mocking them, thinking what a fool she is. Islam gave women the right and power to cover themselves and be recognized for their talents, and not on false make up and temporary physical beauty, the double standards of these "women's freedom' talking nations is exposed when they stop Muslim women from wearing a Hijab !!! A woman in a skirt can use her brain, as equally as a woman in a Hijab. If 2 women teach, a woman with and one without hijab, both can do well depending on their knowledge and skill, their clothes dont make them better in their work :)) , when they stop Muslim women from wearing hijab, it shows that they dont really believe in women's equality, but in "women's fake equality which makes them do what Men want" its just like throwing a bone to a dog, and making him to do tricks !!! they dont really throw the bone out of love, but only to make the dog do what they want him to do, if the dog is not trainable, they dont throw the bones, thats simple logic they apply. They treat women as dogs, throwing the bone of "equality n feminism" to make them do what actually men "want" women to do.

But, righteous women, Muslims or NonMuslims, have realized this brain washed subjugation, and unequality in disguise today. And when a woman recognizes her potential and wants to be respected for herself and not for her body and false show, she ends up in Islaam. I wish Muslim men, do not follow the secular\communist\ modern\capitalist societies making our women do the same. Islamic society is the best, and today, our society is under constant under attack from without and from within. Its the youth, who can spread the word and make the masses realize that, Islam gave them rights, secular society in reality have enslaved women to mere things of pleasure and advertisement material.

Educate a man, and you educate an individual, educate a woman and you educate a family.

A mother's lap is a child's first Madrasah... lets help increase these good madrasahs, educate women for world and hereafter and make them aware of potential tricks the world can play to 'fool' her same way its doing to women all over the world.

And women, pls always remember, we all live for hereafter. If you dont get recognition for the responsibilities you discharged well, Allah will reward you with much more precious medals and honors, incomparable to this world. If your family needs you, be there. And men should honor their women so much, that she should never feel need to get this 'fake honor' to prove her potential and skills. Let each do what Allah likes them to do, and tomorrow, we will stand equal, no extra marks for being a man, and no extra marks for being a woman :)

Always remember, no nation can survive who subjugates women, no home can survive in which a woman is oppressed. Same way, no nation or home can survive in which men dont know how to lead, and rules n regulations n limits of leaderships. Apply this to nations and see it will suit 95% situations. "


husna said...

Assalamualaikum grampa,

Subhanallah... you have such nice article. As I said " what I view will change my view of life"

Actually I realized that when you talk in the islamic room about the differences in was just for fun. But for me... I feel so upset and I start to write about it. Actually I have so many things to say but when brother yari ( indonesia ) gave me a comment, I feel I was too emotional writing about it. I stop writing about that.

Thank you for your comment

Your ideas are superb

°\~ShifoOo~/° © oOoOo :) Smile Anyways said...

MashaAllah brother :) another eye-opener!!!

May Allah Bless You & Reward You :)