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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Add your blog address in my list

If you have an interesting blog and you write about Islamic issues, please leave me a not with your blog address in my message board. I will pay a visit to your blog and inshAllah add a link to your blog in my "recommended blogs" section.

If you have any websites \ blogs \ you want to recommend through this blog, pls leave a message with the site address, inshAllah I will add those sites in "Recommended Sites" section.

If you are offering any service \ online \ offline to Muslim community and want me to put your banner \ graphic on my blog, do inform me through my message board, I will be pleased to advertize your service \ product if it helps the ummah inshAllah.

Any suggestions, comments, criticism is welcome. Please make dua for my soul, my life and hereafter, and for the ummah.

JazakAllah khair



mo said...

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In Islam said...

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