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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Forgive me O Allah !

Forgive me O Allah !

Forgive me O Allah

Forgive me O Allah !

I pray to You My Lord

You are the only one God

With all our divine knowledge

we Muslims are still heedless

Of Your divine guidance

we think we are now needless !

we betray our beloved Prophet

on whom forever be peace

we try to buy this world

paying hereafter as the fees

our prophet wept for our future

but our eyes weep no more

we enjoy the daily comic strips

but a hadith to read is a bore !

produce O Allah as You promised

a group which follows the straight path

and make me Allah the Merciful

thy servant and that group's part

Guide us all O Allah

on the Siratal Mustaqeem

so we see Your glory O Lord

on the blessed Yaum ad Deen


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Muslim Youth

I remember reading a book by Stephen R Covey, titled 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' it is a good book and it sold more than 15 million copies. And recently I came across a more important issue, 'How to be a successful Muslim youth ?' we all know, life does not stop, it just hastens, and we suddenly realize, our youth is gone, we are old and weak, unable to face the challenges or contribute much to the society, unable to stand up long in salaah, unable to do the voluntary fasting (sawm). Of those people who will be given shade under the Arsh of Allah (swt) on the day of Qiyamah, will be the people, who spent their youth in the worship of Allah, spent their youth in His way, for His deen. Hence, it becomes really important for youth to know, how to be successful in both the worlds without compromising their faith or deen.

I came across, a very nice article, by Brother Altaf (USA) posted on the website of IslamOnline . net, I shared this article with all my Muslim friends by email. I will just post the summary of the article here, and you may follow the link below to read the whole article on the original website.


Seven Habits of Highly Successful Muslim Youth

By Altaf Husain
Social Worker — USA

You cannot escape it. The discussion about habits is all around you: Mom and Dad are constantly telling you to break your bad habits; your teachers are telling you to develop good habits; your friends are pressuring you to adopt their habits; and the television and media are influencing you to explore new and supposedly cool habits. "You will never be successful," the constant refrain goes, "unless you drop your bad habits and develop some good habits." In the end, it's all up to you. You have to decide what your habits are going to be. Have you given this matter some thought?

If you are alive and breathing, you should constantly be engaged in an inner struggle to develop habits which draw you closer to Allah Most High. Success in this world is directly related to the strength of your relationship with Allah. ..........

Here are at least seven habits indispensable for highly successful Muslim youth, derived entirely from the Qur'an and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

To read the complete article > Click Here
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Be Truthful

Being truthful is not always easy, especially when we make a mistake. We fret over whether or not to disclose exactly what happened.,.................

Be Trustworthy

Who do you rely on? Of course, Allah. He is indeed the Most Trustworthy. But among humans, who do you rely on? Who can you trust to ...................

Have Self-Restraint and Be God-Conscious

Perhaps the most difficult challenge while navigating adolescence is to restrain oneself from falling victim to one's desires — especially one's lower desires...............................

To read the complete article > Click Here
Zone-English-Youth%2FYTELayout#**1 )

Be Thorough

Look around your room. How many unfinished projects do you have? When you work on homework, are you likely to rush through the assignment, ...................

Be Focused

One thousand ideas go through your head the moment you stand up for prayer. Is that you? Really? What do you make of those ideas? Do you process them? .........................

Be Punctual

Stop saying over and over again that you are late because of "Muslim standard time," or the "standard time" of your particular ethnicity. The last thing we should attribute to Islam is the notion that its teachings somehow make us late, slow. .........................

Be Consistent

Apart from all the habits listed above, perhaps the one that is sure to help you become a highly successful Muslim youth is that of being consistent. One cannot be truthful one day and a liar the next; ............................................


Finally, Muslims aspire to develop all of these habits because, in doing so, we draw nearer to Allah Most High. If you are intent on being a highly successful Muslim youth, then you owe it to yourself to reflect upon your own life and see how many of these habits are already a part of who you are and how many you need to further develop or acquire......................

Strive to develop the seven habits listed above and many others from the Islamic teachings so that you will be among the highly successful Muslim youth.

To read the complete article > Click Here
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Come back to Islam, Come back to Allah

Some videos just take our breath away, some videos inspire, some videos lift our emaan and refresh our relation with our Creator. This is one video which was made to inspire the Muslim youth, to come back to Allah, come back to Islaam. I am really thankful to the producers of this wonderful video, and I always recommend Muslim youth to watch it once, it has a message, a message which can change your destiny inshAllah.

- - Dedication - -

With Genuine Humility , I Acknowledge Your Aid O GOD !

In the true spirit of Islam , I Appretiate Your Grace O GOD !

With All my Heart I Thank You , O GOD !

Without Your Guidance and Love ,

This work would not have been possible.

Were it not for Your Help and Cause,

This Humble contribution would have never become a Reality.

And If it is worth Dedicating ,

Please Bless it with Your Acceptance ;

Its Dedicated to You O GOD !

a humble slave of thee O Allah !

SIM aka MissionPeace